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Hawaii SEO Services

How do people find your busines online? It has to do with something called SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. The shortest explanation is that it is the coding inserted into a website that makes search engines understand what you are offering, and then matches you with the people that are looking for the same thing.

Sounds like it should be simple enough, right? In theory it is. In practical application, it is much more nuanced and intricate that one may think. A lot of people create a website using a platform option like WordPress or Wix. Any of the main players have some kind of SEO section that is supposed to allow you do this on your own.

The reality of this situation is that even though platform sites can be relatively fast to set up, you still need to know how to properly apply SEO to a website in order to earn it organic traffic and get people to visit your site. These are the same people that will become what's known in the web industry as a "conversion". A person that converts from a visitor to a viable customer lead for your business. If your competitor has done a better job, they will receive more traffic than you, thus increasing the chances that you will miss out on potential sales.

G Life 808 is a Honolulu SEO company that offers its services to you to help Google and other less-used search engines find you! This is an involved process that involves not only knowing how to apply the proper coding to a website but, how to research and match the proper keywords and terms that people will associate with your business. We also combine the use of Google Analytics with our Honolulu digital marketing to bring you as much attention and traffic as possible. We can apply this to our custom-built websites, or apply it to your existing website. This includes the creation of written content on your site, and over 10 years of experience in this field from our developers.

To start receving more traffic, please click the button below and we can provide you with a quote on what kind of investment you're looking at. Most SEO enhancements are approx. $299.