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Digital Marketing

Generating enough attention for your business is concern that every business owner has. Whether you are utilizing social media channels only, or are branching out to try as many different platforms as possible, it's not something that can easily be accomplished on your own. Admittedly, some businesses are able to attract customers with a few well-placed posts or ads but, for the majority of business owners, it is an unknown formula that can create a lot of stress.

G Life 808 is a Honolulu digital marketing agency that has been serving clients in Honolulu for over 10 years. We specialize in lead generation and offer everything from social media marketing to influencer marketing and content creation. Our goal is to get you more online attention and traffic.

To accomplish this, we first perform an assessment of your current presence and online strategies. Based on available data and a study of your audience, we will create a plan that best suits your business for a successful online campaign and decide which platforms and/or efforts to make on your behalf. Some businesses see increased traffic and revenue from only social media marketing, and others from search engine marketing. Some experience traffic from a combination of the two. We will implement the program that suits you best and offer you an inclusive package so that you don't have to set-up any external billing accounts in order to maintain paid promotions. We make it easy for you to promote online through one, easy monthly payment. These packages can include Google AdWords, Facebook, Instagram, Google my Business, and more.

This Digital Marketing Suite includes a monthly analytics report for you to see and track the performance of your site and digital marketing efforts. If we built your site, it includes basic site maintenance, too.


Influencer Marketing

Another aspect of digital marketing is the recent inclusion of influencer marketing. This is basically an online personality or source that has a great reach to a large online audience where your product or service can get a lot of attention. This is typically done via Instagram, and there are many more businesses that are choosing to conduct business through this platform only. The problem that many businesses are encountering is that it is difficult to run your own business AND take care of all of your own online marketing. That's where we come in. Our team of content creators will create engaging content designed especially for your business and then turn that into facebook ads as well as Instagram ads that can reach thousands of people per week.

G Life 808 offers brand ambassadors that are skilled at creating videos and putting them online in a professional format. This type of social media marketing is extremely efficient and can immediately increase the amount of attention that you receive for your brand in a very short period of time. We look to increase engagement with your brand, which in turn, means that your chances for a conversion increase as well. Here are some of the recent projects that we've completed for local Honolulu companies that reached a large number of people:

Purve Donuts

This promotion took several costume and makeup changes to match the look of their amazing donuts! It went out on their Instagram profile where it got 2361 views, increasing their usual engagement from 2%-4% to a 6% engagement rate.

Purve Donuts part 2

We continued with our 2nd brand ambassador, Bekah! She visited their Kahala location and helped introduce their new breakfast sandwiches as well as Kai Coffee and other drinks!

Mari's Urban Garden

Our friend Poison Ivy made a visit to Mari's to show the awesome selection and assistance you get from their staff. We try to make each shoot fun and offer something that contrasts most of their existing content.

Snack Addicted

You are truly missing out if you haven't tried Snack Addicted. Their beef and freeze-dried treats are amazing. This was a fun take on a video game as a part of their "Phoenix Feather Challenge" for their new ultra-hot flavor.

En Fuego Grill

En Fuego Grill Hawaii has been serving some of the most delicious local food available for over 15 years. This video helps introduce their wares to all the Oahu foodies out there.

En Fuego Grill Part 2

This shoot focused on their online ordering and "Soccer Bentos" for keiki! Alicia headed out to our favorite Kapolei spot and we put together this creative vid to showcase everything that makes them amazing!

The Influencer Marketing package is inclusive and covers the cost of production + ad budget. Click the button below to get in touch and start a digital marketing program of your own.

Monthly cost: $499.

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